History & Governing Statutes


The District is a political subdivision of local government and was established on June 21, 1966 by an act of the Angelina County Commissioners Court as the result of a petition from local landowners. The District was created under the authority of Article 16, Section 59 of the Texas Constitution as a “conservation and reclamation” district. The District boundaries encompassed 1,495 acres of land in the Cedar Grove community and were described by a metes and bounds description.

In 1971, the District issued $120,000 in revenue bonds for the construction of water and sewer lines in the “new addition”. These bonds were purchase the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and had a 20 year repayment term.  The new constructed system served approximately 80 water and sewer customers.

Over the years, the District grew slowly and extended water lines to service to other portions of the District. The Sewer collection system was upgraded in 1998 and provided first time service to approximately 25 residences. Since that no major improvements to either the water or sewer system have been made.

In 1997, the District initiated and executed a management agreement with the Angelina & Neches River Authority (ANRA). The agreement requires ANRA to manage the affairs of the District, maintain compliance with regulatory and environmental requirements and provide services necessary to repair and maintain the District’s water and sewer systems.

In 2009, the residents of Redland Estates petitioned the District to annex their subdivision and failing sewer system. As part of the annexation, the residents of Redland Estates agreed to take on the Districts ad valorem tax rate, all loans and debts and sewer rates.

On May 12, 2012, the District held a confirmation election to put the annexation measure in front of the District’s voters. The measure passed by a wide margin. Since the May confirmation election, the Board of Supervisors have been working to secure grant funding to construct the necessary improvements to provide sewer services to the subdivision as well as provide first time sewer service to approximately 100 water customers who don’t have sewer service.


Governing Statutes

As a political subdivision of local government, the District is a regulated entity and governed by a number of Texas Statutes. They include: