FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why are there air bubbles in the water?

A: Usually after an interruption in service, such as a water leak, air is introduced into the line during the repair process. Once the repairs are made, the operators flush the lines to remove any air and debris introduced during the repair process. Some air can remain trapped in the high spots of the water line and released when consumers start using larger volumes of water. The water will come out of the tap with a milky look to it which are tiny air bubbles dispersed in the water. This condition usually passes quickly. In the event this condition persists, please contact our office as soon as possible.

Q: Why is my bill so high?

A: High water bills are a direct result of increased usage by the consumer or from a water leak on the customer's side of the water meter. If you feel your bill is higher than your normal usage then you may have a leak. Contact our office and we'll be glad to help you figure out any problems that may exist.

Q: How do I report a water leak?

A: Even though our operators constantly look for leaks in the system, more often it's the customer that finds water coming out of the ground where it shouldn't. If you suspect a leak or a possible leak, please contact us at the numbers listed below.

Q: Is my water safe to drink?

A: Yes. Your water system conforms to the Drinking Water Standards of Texas. Information on your water system can be found in the Consumer Confidence Reports located in the Consumer Information portion of this web site.

Q: What is a "Boil Water Notice" and how does it affect me?

A: A Boil Water Notice is a notification issued to the water customers by the owner of the water system, in accordance to the Texas Administrative Code Chapter 290 rules and enforced by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, if the entire water system's pressure drops below 20 psi usually due to a water main leak or booster pump failure. There can be instances of partial de-watering of a system that will not require a notification. In the event of a notification being in effect it is recommended that the water be boiled before being consumed. Once the Bacteriological Reported samples return clear, usually in 24 hrs, the Boil Water Notice will be lifted.

Contact Information

Angelina & Neches River Authority
During Business hours: 936-632-7795
After hours call out: 877-420-9075 (877-H20-WORK)